Roots of Steel, Wings of Gold

Roots of Steel, Wings of Gold

Steel is the part that made these wings strong

Gold gives me flight and rights all the wrongs

Steel made me seek more than I knew

A dream of adventure dreamed by few

Gold wings show the view to see that I tried

A life that differs than if I had bide

Steel keeps me grounded and keeps my life real

But these wings of gold will honor me still

 Because no matter where in the world my feet land

Gold and steel together has made my life grand



I grew up in a small steel town east of Pittsburgh having no idea of just how big the world was.  But my dreams were big for as long as I could remember.  I must have always known in my heart that there was so much to see beyond the broken sidewalks of Avenue C.

A life beyond summers spent riding bikes, hanging on the monkey bars, and playing jacks awaited me.  I couldn’t wait because I thought if life was this good here; it must be awesome beyond the borders of my youth.

I was right, of course.  But not in the way I expected.  Life was good because I wanted it to be good and I continuously sought out the good.  I was optimistic and curious, and I had a desire to see more and be more than I ever could have imagined.

My dreams in my youth were loaded with adventures and success.  I just knew I would travel the world, writing exciting novels along the way.  I had a story for everything, and a red notebook I carried everywhere, to write whatever came to my imagination.  It made sense to me that one day I would live that way for real.  If that didn’t work out, Plan B was to run my own business and be the CEO of something fabulous.  I was always “working” when I was little.  I’d meet my dad walking up the alley on his way home from the factory, and he’d ask me what I was doing.  If I were walking down the alley, I was paying bills.  If I was walking up the alley, I was going to work.  He got the biggest kick out of his 5 year old daughter’s intensity, when most little girls were playing with dolls.  All I needed to play was my imagination.

I did fulfill the dreams of my youth, but not in any kind of a grand way.  Dreaming big never meant becoming big and being famous.  I don’t think I knew what that meant, and being the introverted little girl I was, I never imagined desiring being known by anyone else.  I grew up never wanting to be the center of attention.  My dreams were never centered on that, only on seeing great things, and doing great things.  Thank goodness, because I can probably walk in crowds for days and never be recognized by anyone.  Unless of course, I go to the grocery store right after working out or working in the yard, with no make-up on and my hair a mess…then I run into everyone I ever knew!

Life is good, even when it has sucked it has still been good.  It’s good because I won’t have it any other way.  That little 3 year old flying down the broken sidewalk of Avenue C on her tricycle would be proud of her grown up self.  I travel, I write, I am the CEO of something fabulous;  My Life.







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