Define Your Value

How do you value yourself as a woman?  Are you on the clearance rack at a bargain store, or are you behind the glass at Tiffany’s (or Jareds, or any other high value goods store)?

I wasn’t sure I understood this analogy at first.  At first I thought it meant that I was either a girl who dated poor guys with nothing material to offer, or dated rich guys who could afford to buy me anything.  That by being on the clearance rack meant I was cheap and worthless, and would only attract guys who were losers.  And being behind the Tiffany’s glass meant I was the best, beyond compare to all others, deserving men who had money to burn.

But that is not at all what this means.  I am a woman, not an item that can be bought, sold, used, or thrown away.  But doesn’t it seem that is the course of love for some women?  Consider for a moment a man who can afford to shop anywhere he wants.  He wears nice clothes, drives a nice car, vacations at the hottest spots; money is no object.  He certainly can afford whatever is behind the glass at Tiffany’s.  But does he appreciate his purchases?  He can have whatever he wants, but does he value any of it? Regardless of a man’s material wealth and ability to obtain the best, when it comes to loving a woman, will he value and appreciate her, or will she be invisible beyond meeting his own needs?

Consider bachelor #2…a low life, swindler, liar, and a cheater.  He steals what he wants, earning nothing honestly.  He manages to obtain less than Tiffany quality goods easily, and can steal from Tiffany’s once in a while, but quickly trades them, breaks them, discards those goods because he doesn’t value what he didn’t earn.  The same holds true with a woman’s heart.  He hurts her, breaks her, leaves her empty and alone.   He took what she gave freely.  He doesn’t value what he didn’t earn.

Now consider the man whose resources are unknown.  It doesn’t matter whether he is rich or poor.  He goes to Tiffany’s to window shop because he admires beauty and quality.  He values that which is considered valuable.   He admires a woman of value because she knows what she is worth.  He is in awe of her beauty, he is fascinated by her strength.  He adores her and protects her.  Regardless of his material wealth, he can afford her because he understands her value and he brings value to her life.  His value is measured in virtues such as honesty, faithfulness, honor, and respect.  Virtues are his real currency, and the only currency that should matter.

But to meet the man with the right currency, a woman must first know her own value.  She doesn’t just get placed somewhere.  Everything about what she believes in herself places her somewhere between the bargain store clearance rack and behind the glass at Tiffany’s.  She controls her own currency, her own value.  The value she places on herself will match the quality of man she will attract into her life.

So think about this again…are you on the clearance rack at the bargain store with no demand of virtues in exchange for your love?  Or are you behind the glass at Tiffany’s, with a price tag list long with virtues that you deserve in response to your love?

Be behind the glass at Tiffany’s.


6 thoughts on “Define Your Value

  1. Michaela, I really like what you write to inspire women. Would you please read my blog when you have time? I would love to hear your thoughts on my true stories 🙂

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