About Me


Author of three books of poetry, I write to lift and inspire people who are finding their way out of difficult relationships and on to a life filled with joy and love.

The Sleepwalker’s Memoirs is a chilling recount of the end of a relationship with a narcissistic partner, refocusing the future on hope.  Poems exposing defining moments, and prose to set the stage and recap what was going on at that time, take the reader though a journey of discovery and hope.  Coming soon to Amazon!

Sequel to Slumber pulls together the past, the present, and the future with a focus on forgiveness and learning to move on.  Past the hurt and despair, finding balance and truth in life and love.  Purchase at Amazon by following this link:  http://amzn.com/098979170X

Love Along the Way is a joyous journey of finding love when you least expect it.  More importantly, feeling loved, whom many in relationships with the self-absorbed will have lacked.  Coming soon to Amazon!

To help keep the connection and the feelings of love strong, I published a 30 day series of love note cards for couples to share with each other.  A simple note of love, on a scenic backdrop, these heavy card stock note cards are meant to last and be used over and over.  The words are written for you, all you need to add is the intention.    Purchase the 30 Days of Love Notes at Amazon Handmade by following this link:   http://amzn.com/B017HRX11S