Let It Out, Let It Go, Let It Be!

How much clearer my mind would be if instead of keeping it all in, I learned to let it out.  Join me as I explore communicating in healthy ways to express my emotions.  Writing, singing, painting, hiking, watching the sunset….all are great ways to calm my heart and ease my mind.

Let It Out!  I will stop internalizing my feelings.  I deserve to be heard.  My emotions matter and I need to be able to express my voice.

Let It Go!  I will express my feelings in a healthy way.  Conversation, journaling, blogging, exercising, spending time laughing with children are all just a few ways to get my thoughts into perspective, and release them away from my overthinking mind.

Let It Be!  I will practice acceptance and tolerance,  and pick my battles carefully!  Change what I should, accept what I can.

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